Hydroponic Tower At Sustainability Pavilion, Expo 2020

Client: Acciona, Spain & UAE Expo Authority

Date: July 2020

Hydroponic Tower At Sustainability Pavilion

The ” Field in the sky” is a 12 meters high, ten layers live hydroponic exhibit displayed at the Terra, Sustainability pavilion in Expo2020. We collaborated with Acciona, Spain and Expo Authority to bring this project to life. Our experts also did the task of Illumination of the system. The growing systems and LED Growlights were custom designed to meet the standards of the Dubai Expo2020 Authority.

The design inspired by Burj-al Arab and conceptualized by Acciona, Spain, is a masterpiece of its own. It demonstrates amalgamation of modern technology with unconventional design and represents UAE’s willingness to create a sustainable future.

Skyfield maintains and runs this system for Expo Team.

It was an honor to be associated with this project