Turnkey Greenhouses

High Tech, Automated, Fully climate configured and intelligent.

Skyfield Agritech

High-tech technical Greenhouses.

The most efficient greenhouses are not the ones that are investments heavy,  but the ones robust in design, suited to the local climate, and capable of providing the micro-climate to the crop.

Multi-point ventilation and automation are the main components of these greenhouses.

At Skyfield Agritech, we understand the dynamics of agriculture hence our greenhouses are technically compliant with above points.


A tall greenhouse with an eaves height of 5 m and a center height of 7.4 is deemed close to the open field operations.

Vents and screens

Vent openings are screens – External and internal, are designed to provide aeration, temperature, and humidity maintenance to the grow area. 

Vent openings are also an effective tool to let hot and humid air out of the greenhouse.

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